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Virtual Reality (VR) is widely used as a therapeutic tool in the field of neuropsychology and Keywords: virtual reality; eating disorders; treatment; body image;. Project Nourished allows you to experience eating and drinking in a whole new way By merging the physicality of molecular gastronomy with virtual reality, we . 1 Mar This paper reports the results from a formative evaluation of a mixed-reality (MR) eating prototype developed in collaboration with a restaurant. reality eat 16 Aug Virtual reality is coming fast and it has enormous potential — but only if we are wise enough to foresee potential downsides and anticipate ways. Myth: Only teenage girls suffer from eating disorders. Reality: Although the onset of most eating disorders is in adolescence (95% of people with eating disorders. 9 Jan 'Project Nourished' is a simulated dining experience which fools users into thinking they are eating delicious dishes.